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How to use the eye massager?



The eyes are the windows of people's minds. However, nowadays, with the popularity of mobile phones and televisions, people have had problems such as excessive use of eyes and fatigue of eyes. In order to relieve the pressure caused by eye fatigue, a waist massager appeared. When we heard this name, we all felt that it was particularly magical. So what is the principle of using it in dealing with excessive eye?

How easy is the eye massager?


The Easy Eye Massager is produced by Shenzhen Times Easy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Easy"). It was established in 2000 and integrates R&D, production and sales. It is a high-tech enterprise of portable massage products. . After 12 years of continuous development, it has grown into a leading brand in the portable health care industry. For this brand, people have a certain understanding, and its eye massager also stands out among many massager brands.

The easy-to-use eye massager has a remarkable effect on the eye massage. The eye massager massages more than 20 acupoints such as the “fish waist”, “silk bamboo” and “bearing weeping” of the eye, which can strengthen the eye cells. Its metabolism prevents skin from aging and degeneration, making the skin of the eyes more energetic and elastic. Eye massage can effectively improve the microcirculation of the eye tissue, enhance the metabolism of the eye skin cells, make the eyes bright and clear, clear vision, prevent myopia, relieve visual fatigue.


According to the introduction of the easy-to-develop R&D staff, the Easy Eye Massager is based on modern biomagnetism, traditional Chinese medicine meridians and traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology, combined with modern electronic technology. Through the pulse magnetic field and acupoint massage, it can work on all important acupuncture points around the eye, stimulate and exercise the vertebral cells and optic nerve, clear the meridians, reconcile the blood, improve the blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve eye fatigue and restore ciliary muscle elasticity. .

How to choose an eye massager


Most of the high-quality eye massagers have a built-in high-frequency magnetic field. When used, they can make magnetic lines of motion on the main points of the face and the capillaries around the eyes. The special magnets emit magnetic lines, effectively achieving the effect of acupuncture and making the inside of the capillaries. Produce micro-current, to achieve the effect of passing through the vitality, reconciling the blood and calming the nerves. When you choose, you can see if it has this function.

The human meridian is a magnetic card that the human body receives the information of nature. It can find all the information about the role of the heavens and the earth on the human body. Nature has recorded all its influences on the human meridian system. Chinese medicine says: "It doesn't work if it doesn't work, but the pain doesn't work." This is the reason, so massage the acupuncture points. The eye massage device is based on this principle to protect the eyes.

Today's eye massager is a human hand massage based on the main acupuncture points around the human eye, allowing the eyes and brain to reach a relaxed state and restore the natural look of the eyes. Through the massage of the temples, relieve the fatigue of the brain, return to the natural state of relaxation, often used, can also effectively prevent eye dryness, computer eye disease.


The original easy-to-use eye massager is to relieve the excessive use of the eyes. In order to protect our eyes, you may also purchase an eye massage device for your family. Let our eyes relax and at the same time, we can better feel the beauty brought by the world. Although the distance is beautiful, the blur will still make people feel uncomfortable.

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